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22 February 2017 - GOOD NEWS FROM AUSTRIA - so far

Submitted by: Grace

I have just received an email from Austria saying that the permission to cull otters in Lower Austria was postponed. The reason is not very clear, but officially there was some conflict with another date.

They wanted to give permission for shooting just in February and March in order not to kill lactating females. The snow is melting in Austria and full moon is over, so it will become increasingly difficult to shoot otters.


So please pass on the news and continue to encourage people to SIGN THE PETITION

Thanks for everyone's support.


Submitted by: Grace

Lower Austria is planning to trap and shoot otters at the end of February 2017. The Eurasian otter, Lutra lutra, is only just recovering from a century-long decrease in Austria, one of the European hotspots for otter recolonisation.

Although Lower Austria is part of European Union (EU) and must follow the European Union Fauna and Flora Habitat Directive, which places the otter under complete protection, they are determined to go ahead with this cull.

Please support the campaign to stop this by signing the petition at click here

14 February 2017 - World Otter Day 2017 shirts

Submitted by: Helen

World Otter Day is 31 May 2017, and to help you support us and spread the word, our new shirts are now available at our Teespring store The design includes artwork of an otter cub by Lyn Wells (Artist & Natural History Illustrator)

WOD shirt detail

You will find t-shirts, a hoodie and a mug available, as well as a great choice of sizes and colours. When you visit the Otter Shop Shirts store just click on the product you are interested in to find more information and place your order.

WOD shirt logo

Let us make the world 'Otter Aware'.

07 February 2017 - THANK YOU

Submitted by: Grace

We know we have wonderful supporters and you have again helped us so much.

We have managed to reach our target of £2,000 through Wildcrowd to help feed the otters here at our sanctuary.

We are so grateful to you all and assure you that every penny will go towards providing fish for these otters.

Cosy Kerr

06 February 2017 - Last chance to help us reach our target

Submitted by: Grace

We are always so grateful to everyone who supports us, especially as we know that the financial state for many people is difficult.

But we are just £89 short of reaching our target of £2,000 to help feed the otters in our care.

If you can help at all please DONATE HERE. Any amount helps, no matter how small, as every penny will go to buy fish for our otters. So you will be making a big difference.

Thanks a lot.

03 February 2017 - Noelle and Sofi

Submitted by: Grace

Well Noelle and Sofi are now good friends.

We moved Noelle out to a nursery pen at the end of last week and Sofi was introduced on Wednesday. We left her in a carrying box at first so that they could meet each other safely. Noelle was very inquisitive and went up to the box and got the shock of her life when the "box" spat at her!

A while later we opened the box and let Sofi out and they immediately went together and chased around, jumping in and out of the pool.

Now as you can see they are quite content together, although sometimes we do hear them having a bit of a squabble.

Noelle and Sofi

Noelle is the bigger one at the front, but I think Sofi is going to be the boss!

Obviously now that we have four mouths to feed fish costs have gone up quite a bit. If you would like to support us click here to help us reach our target at Wildcrowd.


01 February 2017 - Latte

Submitted by: Grace

We were contacted recently to help with a cub in Thailand - isn't she gorgeous.


They have had terrible monsoon rains there and we assume that she was washed away from her mother. She still has baby fur but is eating mushed up fish. It isn't easy caring for a cub in this remote area of Thailand but Andy and his family are doing a great job.

You can read more about her in our latest e-update here