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Latest Annual Report

17 October 2017 - Kids games

Submitted by: Ben

Fancy trying to complete an ottery jigsaw? Or maybe you can match all the pairs in the quickest time? Click here to see TeamOtter's newest games!

16 October 2017 - Annual Review

Submitted by: Grace

Our latest Annual Review is now online.

It will show you all the work that has been for otters throughout the world by IOSF.

We couldn't have done any of it without your loyal support so many, many thanks.

Annual review cover

10 October 2017 - Sofi and Noelle move to the croft

Submitted by: Grace

Today was a nice morning so we took the opportunity to move Sofi and Noelle up to the big croft pens.

Noelle was easy to catch as she hid in the box and shot forward into the carrying box as soon as we lifted the lid. But Sofi was not so co-operative!

Once we got them both to the croft they both behaved exactly as they always do. Noelle disappeared straight into the new sleeping box, so there was no chance to take a photo. Sofi, being far more nosy, had a look around first before she joined Noelle in her box.

Sofi move

04 October 2017 - World Animal day

Submitted by: Grace

Today is World Animal Day and people all over the world are doing things to draw attention to animals.

So let's now leave out the otters. We can all do something no matter how small. We have posted it on Facebook so please share.

Let's tell the world how important and special otters are.


01 October 2017 - Pick IOSF

Submitted by: Helen

eBay favourite