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18 May 2017 - "Tame" otter in the news

Submitted by: Grace

A number of newspapers have covered the story of an otter running up to people and biting at their shoes in southern Scotland. One guy was even chased by it and ran back to his car.

We received a phone call about this animal on Monday and because of the distance from here suggested that the best thing would be to contact the SSPCA who could send one of their inspectors quickly. Unfortunately before this happened the animal was killed on the road.

This is a very sad story.

We cannot be certain of the reason the otter was behaving in this way but it is very possible that it was reared by someone who let it become tame and then let it go or it escaped. It clearly was not afraid of people and probably associated them with food.

We are always very worried when people bring up otters either with domestic animals or when they bring them up in the house or have a lot of interaction with them. An otter which is tame should never be released as they cannot survive and they can be a danger to people who may get bitten or they may be at risk themselves from people who don't like otters.

This is the reason why we do not have visitors to our otter hospital and we thank you all for understanding this.

As I said, we can't be certain why this otter acted in this way, and we are trying to get the carcass for post mortem to see if there was a clinical reason.

However, if a tame otter is released and poses a threat to people then this is potentially putting all otters at risk as people come to regard them as aggressive and dangerous.

10 May 2017 - Noelle and Sofi

Submitted by: Grace

Yesterday we moved Noelle and Sofi to a bigger enclosure with a natural pool - so much nicer for them. They weren't enthusiastic about being caught for the move but once in the new pen were very content to explore.

They then settled down together in a corner to relax and groom. Here you can see Noelle hiding underneath Sofi, who has always been more adventurous.

Noelle and Sofi in pen

05 May 2017 - The Durrells

Submitted by: Grace

ITV have a series on screen at the moment called "The Durrells" about the famous Gerald Durrell and his family who set up the Jersey Zoo. Daphne Neville is a long time supporter of IOSF and she phoned us this week to tell us that one of her otters, Rudi, is starring in a few of the programmes. So watch out for Rudi and his antics on TV.

01 May 2017 - So what are you going to do for WORLD OTTER DAY

Submitted by: Grace

People all over the world are planning events to celebrate WORLD OTTER DAY on Wednesday 31 May, There are talks, school events, posters, visits to fishermen to talk about otters, etc.

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