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21 June 2018 - Brydon Thomason is raising funds for otters

Submitted by: Grace

Brydon Thomason of Shetland Nature has set up a crowdfunding page to raise funds for otters.

He and his colleagues are going to see how many they collectively see over a week round Shetland. What a great idea.

So if you can please do support them and help the otters

19 June 2018 - Triple donations at AmazonSmile

Submitted by: Helen

Between 15 and 29 June, AmazonSmile is tripling its donations when you buy online at AmazonSmile.

So what are you waiting for... This special link will take you there and if you haven't already, select International Otter Survival Fund as the charity you want to help, and earn us free donations from your qualifying purchases.

Thank you.

06 June 2018 - Free at last!

Submitted by: Grace

At long last Noelle is free!

She had resisted our attempts to catch her for the release for so long but yesterday we managed it.

And what a wonderful release it was - probably one of the most special I have known.

She went straight into the water creating her own "ring of bright water".

Ring of bright water

Then she swam past us and the river was so clear that we could see her beautiful form swimming underwater. She carried on swimming and you could just see her head above the water.

Noelle release 2

Finally she came out and went to rest under a gorse bush so we left her in peace.

She had never been co-operative when it came to getting good photos and the release was much the same!

It has been a long time coming but watching this beautiful animal in the place she belongs was worth the wait.

04 June 2018 - E-update and Journal

Submitted by: Grace

Our latest e-update is now available online.

You can read all the news from the Sanctuary, including the exciting release of Sofi. And there are also articles about smooth-coated otters in Nepal and sightings of otters in Sri Lanka.

Of course, WORLD OTTER DAY took place on 30 May, so we have a bit on that but we will give you all the news on that next month as we are still hearing about various events.

Also Issue 4 of OTTER, the Journal of the International Otter Survival Fund, is now in print and you can obtain your copy at the Ottershop.

Journal cover

01 June 2018 - WORLD OTTER DAY

Submitted by: Grace

Well, thanks to you all WORLD OTTER DAY was a huge success.

We had over 66,000 tweets and trended No 1 on Twitter until we were knocked off by Britain's Got Talent. Visits to our website rocketed and there were a lot of donations through our Facebook campaign and through the efforts of many, many people. We are so grateful to you all for this as it has created such awareness of otters and their role in the environment.

There were so many great efforts by people all over the world - we are still hearing about more events but at the moment we know at least 25 countries were involved. We can't possibly mention everyone but we thought we would give you a taster of some of the things which went on over the next few days.

We will start in Sri Lanka, where Chaminda Jayasekara, who works for the Jetwing Hotel Group, visited six schools over two days. Chaminda had previously managed to get photos of otters in Vil Uyana, central Sri Lanka, and you will see some of these in the next e-update. During his school visits he spoke to over 1,000 children using story books created by Padma de Silva, our friend and Chair of the Asian Otter Conservation Network.

Chaminda at Sri Lanka school

Chaminda at Sri Lanka primary school

Thanks Chaminda