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International Otter Survival Fund WORLD OTTER DAY
Wednesday 31 May 2023
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World Otter Day brings all otter species to the attention of many people. It focuses on raising awareness about how important otters are and also highlights the threats that they face. There are certain issues faced by otters that some people are largely unaware of, such as the huge trade in these animals for pets and fur.  World Otter Day addresses this.
Every effort, no matter how small or how large, really does make a difference! 

Click over to our May 2022 e-newsletter to find out what happened last year and get some inspiration.  We also have resources HERE - posters, social media pack, IOSF World Otter Day logo... and more.

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IOSF World Otter Day Grants
Each year we offer three grants of £100 for small World Otter Day events to be held and accept nominations for these.
So, it’s time to make your nominations and you have until 24 March. Find out more information HERE 

Our 2022 World Otter Day Grants were awarded to: 

 ·     Patrice Delagnon Assou, University of Lome, Togo

Aonyx capensis and Hydrictis maculicollis have been historically recorded in Togo, but the species are increasingly threatened by habitat degradation, loss and fragmentation and by unsustainable hunting across its geographic range. This project wants to highlight otters, build up the scientific and produce the first rigorous data on their distribution and conservation status in Togo.  The World Otter Day Grant will help to organize an education programme at the Department of Zoology as a starting point for this work.


·        Salami Olalekan Michael, Netlink Environmental Conservation Organization, Nigeria

A one day sensitisation programme is to be organised in the Ilaje coastal community with the theme “Otter Awareness Campaign and Conservation Education Programme”.  Members of the Netlink Environmental Conservation Organisation and volunteers will bring this programme to raise awareness and increase stakeholder involvement and develop strategies and guidelines to improve the relationship between people and otters in this fishing community.  Information on alternative livelihood initiatives such as ecotourism and aquaponics will also be presented.


·        Md Arafat Rahaman , Bangladesh Biodiversity Conservation Federation, Bangladesh

Little is known about the status of the Smooth-coated otter which has been sighted in a newly discovered wetland habitat in the west of Bangladesh.  This project wants to address the pressures on such an area regionally and nationally including government agencies, the Forest Department and local policy makers.  It will raise awareness and educate people about the otters in their area and encourage coexistence.


·        Miguel Angel Torres Maldonado, Okapia conservación A.C., Mexico

This project is following up on the concerns of the local community regarding the status of their river, which is also habitat for the Neotropical otter (Lontra longicaudis). The otter will be used as ‘a flagship species’ to bring people together and learn of the ecological importance of the otter and become involved in the conservation project, starting with workshops and awareness talks.



IOSF World Otter Day Webinar 2023!


Webinar 2023

Webinar 2023 Speakers


IOSF is delighted to announce the third series of our World Otter Day webinars!

Following two highly successful, engaging webinars, we are hosting another on the 31st May 2023. This year’s event brings 10 more highly skilled and knowledgeable presenters on a series of species and topics. Exact titles and speakers are still to be confirmed but without further ado, we bring to you this years speakers and topics, in the attached image!
We invite you to join us again and celebrate World Otter Day with us. If you are interested in signing up to the webinar, then please CLICK HERE!