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Latest Annual Report

22 February 2021 - Meet Lawrie

Submitted by: Grace

Laurie from Carbost

Early on Friday morning we received a phone call after a thin otter was found on a croft having eaten some of the owner's ducks. The owner was very understanding as she appreciated that a duck is an easy meal for an otter not doing very well in the wild.

They brought the otter down and it was indeed very thin and lethargic. We have named the otter Laurie and now that it is all snug in the hay and getting regular feeds it is starting to look a lot better. But it will take a while before it can go back to the wild.

You can help care for Laurie and the other otters in our sanctuary by donating at the Ottershop

15 February 2021 - DJ and Louis move outside

Submitted by: Grace

As we all know it has been really cold over the last few weeks with temperatures of -9C here on Skye and -22C in parts of the central highlands! We have really been wanting to get DJ and Louis into an outside enclosure but have had to wait until temperatures improved. Today the temperature is a luxurious +6C so we were able to move them.

When they first went into the enclosure they went straight to the back corner - for some reason every otter put in this enclosure goes to exactly the same place.

DJ and LOUIS move outside

But after a while they started to explore their new home.

05 February 2021 - Look how they've grown!

Submitted by: Grace

Those tiny little things are now over 900g and so active. Yesterday Ben was a bit slow with the bottle so one gave him a little nip - not much in the way of teeth yet though!

Inverness twins

As we said, they are nicknamed BB (Big Blob) and LB (Little Blob) due to their face markings. As you can see BB is on the right of the photo and not looking at the camera.

We have also managed to get a funny little Video where LB is doing a stranded turtle impression. If you watch to the end you will see that BB, who appears from the bottom of the screen, doesn't help!

You can read more about these two and the other otters in our care in our monthly e-update. You will also read about Mboo, the spotted-necked otter in the Democratic Republic of Congo and lot of other ottery news.

And a reminder to watch out for us on More 4 at 9pm on Monday night (8 September). Darcey Bussell has a new series "Wild Coasts of Scotland" and she came to Skye last autumn. We did some filming with her and some of the Broadford Team Otter did a litter pick and were interviewed too about their love of Skye wildlife.

01 February 2021 - Two new tiny arrivals

Submitted by: Grace

Just over a week ago we received three tiny cubs, found in Inverness when a container was moved. Unfortunately they didn't give time for the mother to return to move them and they ended up with us.

Big blob

Little Blob

You can see how tiny they are and sadly the smallest one didn't survive. However, the other two are doing very well and becoming more active and putting on weight.

At the moment they just have the nicknames "Big Blob" or "BB" and "Little Blob" or "LB" due to the markings on their lips! BB is far more vocal and such a wriggler when it comes to feeding. LB is far easier to feed and downs the bottle very quickly. It is lovely to see them check each other over once they are reunited after their feed.

We will keep you updated but if, in the meantime, you would like to donate to their care you can do so HERE


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