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07 August 2020 - All our latest new is available in the e-update

Submitted by: Grace


This is the latest photo of our beautiful Bealltainn and you can read all about her and the other otters in the sanctuary in our latest e-update

You can also read about the care of two Neotropical Otter cubs in Mexico and the many otters at Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre in Cambodia.

In Laos our friend, Kiengkai Khoonsrivong, has been carrying out community education work and setting up a Team Otter club.

You will also read the fascinating story of the diagnosis of an eye problem in Bute by David Williams, a great veterinary ophthalmologist in Cambridge, who attended our European Otter Conference back in 2000.

So read on and enjoy.

05 August 2020 - Look who has arrived

Submitted by: Grace


This is little Effie who arrived last week from Dingwall. A Belgian lady who had just moved there was walking her dogs when one, appropriately called Skye, found the tiny cub. She wisely took the dogs home and checked what she should do and so phoned the SSPCA. They collected the cub and then contacted us to arrange for her transfer here.

She was found in Pefferside Park in Dingwall and so we thought the name Effie was quite appropriate.

She is quite a little minx and is really keeping us on our toes when it comes to feeding. Sometimes she wants salmon and then white fish - who knows! But she is very active and doing well.

04 August 2020 - Get 10% Discount

Submitted by: Helen

You will find lots of great wildlife art at the Creature Candy website on textiles, stationery, mugs and jugs.

And, the lovely people at Creature Candy are supporting IOSF - simply use this code IOSF10 to receive a 10% discount from your first order with them and IOSF will also receive a 10% donation. How fantastic is that!

Even better, they are working on an otter design, so we'll let you know when it is available.

Creature Candy

01 August 2020 - IOSF Otter Oscars 2020

Submitted by: Ben

Nominations for the International Otter Survival Fund's Otter Oscars 2020 are now open!

IOSF's annual otter awards give special recognition to those who have worked to help otters and you can now nominate someone (including yourself) that is deserving of the award.
You can nominate someone under a number of categories.

We will be accepting nominations until November 27th

You can find out more about the awards and nominate someone by simply Clicking Here

Oscar Award 2020


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