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Latest Annual Report

24 September 2020 - The Super Seven

Submitted by: Grace

IOSF has had a very busy last 6 weeks with 4 otters coming into our rehabilitation centre here on the Isle of Skye. The 4 otters, 3 cubs and a young adult, which unfortunately died, has taken our current number of otters in care to 7!


Each otter offers a big and hungry mouth to feed and each day we are using somewhere between 23 and 27 fish or 6-7kg!

Effie and Reva
(Effie and Reva)

The latest arrival is a little otter from Glendale on the Isle of Skye. We were contacted on the morning of 18th September about a little, peeping otter around someone's house on the west coast of the island. Mother otters often leave their young to go and feed herself and provide fish for her cubs so we offered our usual advice of leaving the otter alone and keep an eye on it. Unfortunately, the otter then ventured near the road which meant that it was unsafe to leave it and people were also using it as a "photo opportunity*. The otter was collected and transferred to our facility later that day. He is eating well so far and is being closely monitored.

*It is so important to leave wild animals alone. With the interaction with people trying to take photos, it is possible that the mother chose not to return because of fear and therefore this little guy couldn't return to his mum! So we would ask that if you ever come across a baby wild animal, not just otters, please do not approach it. Check that it is ok from a distance and then contact us or your nearest wildlife rescue facility for advice.

So now we need to turn to you! With all of these hungry otters we are appealing to you to support their care, as well as other wildlife in our rehabilitation centre here on Skye. Your support will help with costs such as feed, bedding, heating, lighting, vet bills and much more! We are always grateful for your continued support and we simply couldn't achieve all that we do without you.

Remember no amount is too little and will buy a fish.

Alone we can do so little, while together we can do so much!

If you would like to help support IOSF's rehab centre and the care of the super seven otters in our care you can donate to IOSF here



15 September 2020 - Bealltainn Update

Submitted by: Ben

Bealltainn development continues!

After her move, Bealltainn has been more elusive and shy. While the weather held here on Skye she spent most of her time hidden outside and we didn't see her for a few days. We knew she was there as the spraint continued and the fish
was getting eaten. The change in the weather brought Bealltainn back to her sleeping box and she is looking great, as you can see.

She is developing well and is acting more and more like a wild otter - great news!

Bealltain Update

03 September 2020 - IOSF e-newsletter bringing you the latest

Submitted by: Helen


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01 September 2020 - Bealltainn moves

Submitted by: Grace

Bealltainn has been moved to one of the croft pens which is much bigger and so she has a lot more space to explore.

We have been concerned that she was a bit too accepting of human presence. Often when we went to feed she would come to the gate and she seemed to have none of the natural wariness of a wild otter. So we were actually very pleased when it took us a bit of time to catch her and she did show a bit of aggression. This is what we want if she is to go back to the wild.

As you can see the vegetation is very long so there are also plenty of places for her to hide and hopefully she will do this more.

Bealltainn moves


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