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22/02/2022 Watchtowers to come up at otter sanctuary along Tungabhadra river in India
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20/02/2022 Landmarks: Once nearly extinct in Illinois, river otters likely live in a stream near you. A new project enlists ‘citizen scientists’ to help find them
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19/02/2022 A ‘State-Record’ is set by a Massachusetts ice angler… Otter is a type of animal that lives in
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16/02/2022 Pair of otters spotted close to Athlone, Ireland
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14/02/2022 Peering Into the Sea Otter Genome Reveals Much
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05/02/2022 Texas biology professor charged for illegally trafficking 14 protected wildlife species
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23/01/2022 Incredible video shows otter feeding at Peterborough’s Ferry Meadows - as park visitors urged to give animals space
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22/01/2022 After years of absence, river otter returns home in Slovakia
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18/01/2022 DEC to Continue River Otter Surveys in New York
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27/12/2021 Ireland a stronghold for otters thanks to work of voluntary groups
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