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Latest Annual Report

IOSF Otter Oscar Awards 2018

2018 sees our third annual IOSF Otter Oscar Awards recognising those working in otter conservation and we are thrilled to announce the winners for this year.

New award2018

Oscar Award winners-1

The categories and winners are:

• Children's Award - Ruby Bedelph, Australia.
Whenever able, Ruby raises awareness and educates people about otters.

• Young People's Award - Ullapool Sea Savers (USS), Scotland.
For their enthusiasm and commitment to "look after our seas and marine life by reducing rubbish and waste, protecting the animals that live in our seas... and raising awareness of the things that threaten those creatures."

• Group/Organisation Award - OBC Chinchimen, Chile.
For years of hard work in otter conservation and rehabilitation, alongside the biodiversity of the area.

• Community Achievement – Chaminda Jayasekara, Sri Lanka,
has converted an abandoned paddy field into a small mammal conservation area (Vil Uyana) and attracted rare and vulnerable species, including otter Lutra lutra.

• Research – Reckendorf, Anja; Siebert, Prof. Dr. Ursula: University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Foundation / Habbe, Dr. Britta; Krueger, Dr. Hans-Heinrich: Aktion Fischotterschutz e.V. / Oberlercher, Thomas; Fladung, Erik: Institute of Inland Fisheries Potsdam-Sacrow / Goeckemeyer, Steffen; Chamber of Agriculture Lower Saxony / Hahn, Albrecht: Association of Inland Fisheries and Pond Hosts in Schleswig-Holstein.
A project to develop otter-friendly exits from fykes in collaboration with stakeholders. Watch short video here.

• Photography/Artwork – Hans Ring, Sweden (see photo below)
This engaging photograph which shows the otter Lutra lutra in its natural habitat amongst other wildlife.

• Special Award – Dr. Donald Jefferies, UK.
Over many years, Dr Jefferies has worked on the status and conservation of the otter in the UK. Don identified the problem that pollution by organochlorines was having a drastic effect on predators, including the otter. He also worked with the Otter Trust to bring otters back to large parts of England. Don is an unassuming man who has done so much for otters and we are delighted to recognise this with our Special Award.

Otter Oscars2


Hans Ring's winning photograph.

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